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Zulu Trusted Email Sender Community Initiative

There is no reason for any email user to suffer from an email spoof attack. The technology, domain messaging and reporting conformance (DMARC) when implemented correctly, will stop a domain from being spoofed. The technology is free, however required some implementation work to complete.

The Zulu Trusted Email Sender Community Initiative is a project that is aimed to give email users the information and tools they need to understand and prevent any possible loss of adverse outcome from spoof, SPAM and phishing emails.


Development of free tools to provide visibility over a domain's email trust metrics, that is simple to understand and designed to eliminate spoof and unprotected email domains, for the prevention of cyber email attacks against at any email user.

Trusted Email Sender Project Releases

Five major project elements have been funded by Zulu Labs and are available to the public now at no cost. These include:

  1. Trusted Sender Compliance Algorithm (Github),
  2. Trusted Sender Score,
  3. Email Authentication Adoption Research Data-sets,
  4. Email Sender Check,
  5. Trusted Sender Browser Extensions

Use of Funds (Donations)

Donations will be put toward the following projects and costs

  • Infrastructure and running costs (virtualization environment)
  • Provision of feedback tools and esp protection tools using TSS
  • Social integration tools for viral sharing of domain searches

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