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I made small contributions here and there. My most famous ones landet in GitLab, quadlet and Echo-Server. I try to help other open source projects like gerbolyze to build infrastructure and pipelines. I also develop my own share of Open Source Software and Hardware. Noteworthy examples are the Quickedit app for MeeGo, a tiny USB-C serial adapter called Darling and my KiCAD libraries and footprints for Teensy microcontrollers.

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slides 0 Vernieuwd 8 maanden geleden

dotfiles 1 Vernieuwd 1 jaar geleden

A platform to share custom configuration files.

darling 3 Vernieuwd 2 maanden geleden

FTDI helper for the future. With FT230X, blinky lights and USB-C!

teensy.pretty 148 Vernieuwd 7 maanden geleden

KiCAD library for Teensy microcontrollers

teensy_library 260 Vernieuwd 10 maanden geleden

KiCAD library for Teensy microcontrollers


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