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Void Builds is a service which builds and hosts nightly disc image files with more up-to-date packages than offered by official download mirrors. Extra packages are also added to offer quality of life enhancements, (i.e: nfts-3g, gvfs, xfce4-plugins, etc...) which are listed by file in the 'image contents' link on the Void Builds homepage. Visitors can get fresh copies of Void Linux when official methods have stagnated or for testing in various scenarios. Visitors my also want desktop environments pre-installed that aren't available via the official Void Linux mirrors. Due to space limitations, only a small set of files are currently available:

Base (no desktop or xserver)
Cinnamon (xserver with the Cinnamon Desktop)
e17 (xserver with the Enlightenment Desktop)
i3 (xserver with the i3 Desktop)
KDE (xserver with the Plasma 5 Desktop)
LXQT (xserver with the LXQT Desktop)
MATE( (xserver with the Mate Desktop)
XFCE (xserver with the XFCE Desktop)

People have been asking for more desktops and architectures such as ARM, i386 as well as builds with the musl library as an alternative to glibc. This is my attempt at funding the project to make all of these additions become a reality.

If you already use Void Builds and are able to support the project financially, please consider donating to the project. Every bit of support whether by donation or kind words is greatly appreciated! For the last year I have been running Void Builds completely out of pocket in my free time. I have a few ideas of where I'd like take the project in the future if it picks momentum. So join me and together we can create an awesome service for everyone.

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