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SetupNotes 9 Vernieuwd 3 maanden geleden

Notes on setting up systems within educational settings

RaspberryPiProgrammingWorkshop 17 Vernieuwd 2 jaar geleden

RPiPW = resources + notes + code samples for a workshop introducing the Raspberry Pi as a beginner's programming environment

dice-mechanic-sim 5 Vernieuwd 2 jaar geleden

dicemechanicsim (DMS) tests game mechanics for Midnight Riders, the tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG)

HardwareTest 3 Vernieuwd 2 jaar geleden

Scripts to test the hardware of your computer

publishing-workshop 0 Vernieuwd 4 jaar geleden

Self-publish your book without overhead using Sphinx

PXE 12 Vernieuwd 5 jaar geleden

Instructions and configurations for configuring PXE servers

CuttleMultiplayer 1 Vernieuwd 5 jaar geleden

Cuttle is a strategic, battle card game that can be played with a standard deck of playing cards.

Midnight-Riders (fork) 0 Vernieuwd 5 maanden geleden

Midnight Riders: A Role-Playing Game of Bikers & Beasts


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