Paul-Louis Ageneau

Free software contributor and 3D-printed robotics designer

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Hello, I'm an engineer and Computer Science PhD from France.

I design 3D-printed robots and tinker with old French Minitels, then share instructions and source code on my blog.

I'm also a free software contributor. In particular, I am in particular the author two network software libraries: libdatachannel, a WebRTC and WebSockets C/C++ standalone library, and of libjuice, a lightweight UDP Interactive Connectivity Establishment library. I think WebRTC is a great opportunity to re-decentralize the Web by connecting directly browsers and native applications!

I recently added WebTorrent support to libtorrent, a library implementing the BitTorrent protocol, opening exciting possibilities for peer-to-peer file exchange between browsers and native clients!

I'm also maintaining a GnuTLS wrapper for Boost.Asio.

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