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I am passionate about electronics and making life easier for myself, and other people. Creating your own IoT or other electronic projects are fun and also very rewarding. There is also a lot to learn and teach other people. I started this page because I believe that I have a unique perspective on creating things, and also because I want to teach other people that it is easy and possible to do these things on your own. You don't have to be an expert to do simple automation and electronics projects by yourself. All that you need is dedication and a good foundation of electronics knowledge to get started.

You can see some of my work here -> Click ( I am waiting for my domain to come online ;) ) as well as on FaceBook -> Click

I want to help you get started with that foundation, as well as build on my own foundation to improve everybody's knowledge, and by doing this make electronics even more accessible.

I hope to use this page as a tipping hat so that interested or inspired fans are able to contribute to my efforts if they choose to do so. Proceeds from the page will be used towards new equipment, to make more tutorials and projects possible, but also towards utility costs such as internet and electricity charges. It takes a lot of time, research, testing and formatting to get a quality tutorial written, and even more to document a project. Any support will thus be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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