I make software for IRC (catgirl, pounce) and other things

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I make software for IRC: the catgirl terminal client, the pounce bouncer, the litterbox searchable logger and its web interface scooper. I maintain LibreTLS, a port of libtls from LibreSSL to OpenSSL. I also run ascii.town, a collaborative ASCII art project over ssh. A full list of my projects can be found at causal.agency.

I'm all about crafting new, perhaps niche, software options for open protocols like IRC and email, because choice should be the strength of those protocols. Rather than one-size-fits-all (or -none) software, I think we should focus on fitting our own needs, fitting them well, and sharing what we've made with like-minded people.

Donations will help me pay for server hosting, coffee and food. They'll also help me maintain independence and control over my time, which I want to spend writing software that I and others enjoy using. For updates and discussion on the software I'm working on, you can subscribe to the mailing list by email or Atom feed, and of course join me in #ascii.town on tilde.chat.

Thank you!

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