Andrea Scarpino

Software Developer involved in FLOSS. Privacy evangelist. White hat. Former Arch Linux developer.

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At the moment I'm focusing on improving the Sailfish OS ecosystem by writing more apps for it, but I also send patches to free and libre open source software I use whenever I can.

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arch-audit 27 Vernieuwd 1 week geleden

A utility like pkg-audit for Arch Linux. Based on Arch Security Team data.

harbour-HostIsDown 0 Vernieuwd 1 maand geleden

A Salfish OS application to check if the desired host is up or not

harbour-Base64 0 Vernieuwd 1 maand geleden

A Base64 encoder/decoder for Sailfish OS

harbour-SailHN 1 Vernieuwd 1 maand geleden

An unofficial Hacker News client for Sailfish OS

harbour-Lyrics 0 Vernieuwd 1 maand geleden

Music lyrics application for Sailfish OS

harbour-MPW 0 Vernieuwd 1 maand geleden

A MasterPassword client for SailfishOS

harbour-Papocchio 0 Vernieuwd 1 maand geleden

A free-hand draw application for Sailfish OS

gdi 4 Vernieuwd 2 jaar geleden

A command-line client for DropIt Nextcloud app (https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/dropit).

FeedToot 1 Vernieuwd 4 jaar geleden

Mastodon toots RSS feed generator

harbour-MPW 0 Vernieuwd 2 maanden geleden

A MasterPassword client for SailfishOS

base16-builder-rust 20 Vernieuwd 2 maanden geleden

A Rust implementation of a base16 builder

transmission-readynasduo 0 Vernieuwd 4 maanden geleden

Transmission add-on for ReadyNAS Duo/NV+ (sparc)

itlinux-win-keyboard 38 Vernieuwd 6 maanden geleden

An Italian keyboard layout for Windows, customized with shortcuts from Linux systems

i3-sensible-browser 4 Vernieuwd 7 maanden geleden

Launches $BROWSER with fallbacks

base16-qtcreator 18 Vernieuwd 4 jaar geleden

Qt Creator styles based on Chris Kempson's Base16 colour scheme



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