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icL is a modern and powerful web testing tool

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What is icL?

icL is a modern and powerful web testing tool.


The main goal of icL project is to speed up the process of web applications testing.

What icL does?

icL automates the functional testing of web-applications, it speeds up the writing of autotests, debug and running of tests itself (it will use all available machines to run tests parallel, 2 machines with quandcore processors will speed up the running of test cases up to 8 times).

Features of icL

Crossplatform Develop and test anywhere

All icL utilities are available under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Crossbrowser testing

You can user build-in browser or test on browsers, supported by Selenium Web Driver: Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, MS IE, PhanthomJS.

icL Editor Work together

Editor permit developing tests in team. Each change will be shared with your coworkers. You can share not just the final version, but the draft too.

icL FlyTime Analising for you

FlyTime is a hybrid code analyzer, which can detect errors in code and speak to you, where the program can crash. The hybrid analyzer is more powerful than a static analyzer.

icL FlyProgramming Edit code always

FlyProgramming permits editing code on run time, just forgot about stop and run again, just fix code and be happy.

icL Crossfire Call back

From icL you can call JavaScript functions. And from JavaScript in web page, you can call icL functions.

icL Sync Sync test and back-end

The synchronization is not possible just with web page, the back-end also can be synchronized. An ideal solution for long asynchronous processes on server side.


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