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netflix-leaving 2 Vernieuwd 1 week geleden

Find out which Netflix titles are expiring in your country :-) (this repo is set to Italy), for example: https://gioxx.github.io/netflix-leaving/2022/0223.html

xfiles 20 Vernieuwd 1 week geleden

Le liste NoAds filtrano la pubblicità sul web e migliorano la tua navigazione. Scopri di più navigando sul sito web ufficiale.

o365 7 Vernieuwd 9 maanden geleden

Office 365 Powershell Tools

YOURLS-GWallChangeLogo 8 Vernieuwd 10 maanden geleden

Un plugin per modificare il logo di una installazione self-hosted di YOURLS

fxaddons 2 Vernieuwd 2 jaar geleden

Strumenti di ricerca per Firefox (WebExtensions)

spotify-save-new-music-friday (fork) 4 Vernieuwd 2 weken geleden

Save Spotify's "New Music Friday" playlist automatically - Powered by Github Actions, based on the original script by @RegsonDR.

MarvellousSuspender (fork) 1017 Vernieuwd 3 maanden geleden

A chrome extension for suspending all tabs to free up memory, based on the original TGS 7.1.6, without tracking. Find more information about that on https://gioxx.org/tms

ph-whitelist (fork) 9 Vernieuwd 4 maanden geleden

A simple and powerful tool to add commonly whitelisted domains to your Pi-Hole setup.

AVM-FRITZ-Box-Synology-Surveillance-Home-Mode-Automation (fork) 0 Vernieuwd 1 jaar geleden

AVM FRITZ!Box Synology Surveillance Home Mode Automation

block-mailtrack (fork) 2 Vernieuwd 3 jaar geleden

Block annoying mailtracking from mailtrack.io


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