Rubén M.

Hello! I am Rubén and I am a system administrator from Spain

delegao's doel is om € 15,00 te ontvangen per week.


Howdy! I am Rubén, a system administrator from Spain who hosts and operates different services available for anybody to use on the Internet. These services are run under the Delegao.moe brand.

While providing these services is something I get enjoyment from, they come at a cost (for me). That's why I politely ask you to consider being a patron if you like what I do and provide, as it will allow me to ensure smooth operation of the services, now and in the future. It will also help to fund expansions and any unexpected event.

My current goal is set at 15€ per week as it is the minimum quantity that I would need to ensure proper operation of the current services. A more in-depth breakdown is available here.

Thank you for visiting my Liberapay profile.

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