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How to ask for donations being a FLOSS brazilian translator? Search DuckDuckGo.

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There's nothing better than seeing our own people using FLOSS,
And for this, there's nothing better than having it available in our native language.

I love translating FLOSS into Brazilian Portuguese, but I need to buy a new notebook and do maintenance regularly to continue collaborating and maintaining the translations already done. Unfortunately, I can't afford it, so I come here to ask for your help to finance my needed resources to continue working and strengthening the FLOSS community! If you want to see which projects I'm collaborating with, I've listed them at the bottom of the page.

Goals, other details and transparency

I'm still evaluating the required resources, but until then:

The goal is to purchase a refurbished Thinkpad T450 that costs around US$ 467 currently.

Projects that I collaborate with the translation currently:

  • Fedilab (CEASED: Supported neonazis.)
  • Tusky
  • Plume - Federated Medium-like.
  • Funkwhale - Federated Spotify-like.
  • Liberapay
  • Hubzilla - Translation in progress.
  • I intend to translate Friendica yet.
  • And I hope this list can grow even more!

PS 1: According to this list, apparently I love federation as well!
PS 2: Contact me at Mastodon or Twitter so we can talk! I accept suggestions about FLOSS that need to be translated into Brazilian Portuguese, I also constantly look for feedback on possible errors in translations that I maintain and so on. 😍

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