Dan Hunsaker

I write. A lot. Some code. Some not.

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I write code. I also do a number of other things, most of which I keep forgetting to actually launch anywhere public. Some day.

I also write prose. Fictional stuff that sometimes even makes sense. You can see some if it by checking out @po1hunsaker@tenforward.social. Aside from a few out-of-character posts there, everything is written from the perspective of a First Class Holographer (equivalent to the US Navy's E-6) on the USS Enterprise E. The current arc, #TemporallyAdrift, involves some time travel, after a fashion, so if you aren't into Star Trek or time travel, you may want to skip that one, but I'm enjoying it so far.

I write lots of other things, too, though they're harder to quantify.

Any support I get helps me write more of the stuff I want to write (and share with the world), and spend less time/effort/energy on doing other stuff to survive. So thanks in advance to those who chip in!

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