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Chud Buds is an alternative social media micro-blogging site which exists on the Fediverse.

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Chud Buds (https://chudbuds.lol) is an alternative social media micro-blogging site which exists on the Fediverse. This site is intended for friendly folks who enjoy memeing around, anime, gaming, lolcows, and laughing at stupid stuff on the interwebs--all while being unconstrained by the censorship and overzealous moderation found on traditional social media sites like Twitter. We strive to provide a safe, welcoming, and fun platform utilizing Soapbox and Pleroma for people to use as a way to experience the Fediverse--especially those who have found themselves deplatformed elsewhere. Information about our site, our rules, and our Terms of Service can be found here: https://chudbuds.lol/about

Created in September 2022, currently Chud Buds has just under 1,000 members and is growing at a pace that is quickly outstripping the server hardware used in our hosting. Donations made to Chud Buds will be used to upgrade our server to something more robust with multiple cores, additional RAM, and more disk space. Funds will also be used for other associated expenses, including secondary hosting for other Chud Bud projects, our mailing service, development costs, etc. Future plans for Chud Buds include the addition of a Matrix chat server, a secondary Pleroma front-end interface, tutorials and FAQs to help people new to the Fediverse learn not only how to use it, but also how to set up their own Fediverse instance. Also planned is a blog where updates about the site will be shared, along with entertaining articles and content contributed by Chud Buds members.

Any contributions made toward the future of Chud Buds are greatly appreciated. All donors with an account on Chud Buds can request a custom title badge which will be displayed on their profile. Donors who have contributed more than $100 total can also apply to receive a custom email address at the chudbuds.lol TLD. Please the site admin for more information.

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