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Hi there! Meet Nitrux. Powered by Linux, AppImages, KDE Technologies, and Qt

We need your support.

This funding campaign has three main objectives:

  1. Contribute to keeping our online services up and running.
  2. Allow the developers to hire new talent to work on Nitrux full-time. At the moment, we're a team of 6 people working full-time on the distribution and its projects. To achieve our goals within a reasonable timeframe, we eventually need to add more people to the development team.
  3. Support and help fund other free software and open-source projects that Nitrux relies on.

What we are working on.



Welcome to the #NXWorld

Nitrux is a Linux desktop distribution directly based on Debian. It uses the Calamares installer and includes NX Desktop and NX Firewall on the KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment and KDE Applications. Nitrux emphasizes the use of AppImages to manage end-user software. Nitrux also does not use systemD as its init system; instead, it uses OpenRC.

Nitrux includes a suite of convergent applications called Maui Apps. We use MauiKit, our convergent, cross-platform UI framework, to create these applications. Both MauiKit and the Maui Apps are entirely free and open-source software.

In addition to this, we include a curated selection of free and open-source software by default; we don’t add proprietary software. And for those looking for a 100% free (as in freedom) operating system, the optional Linux Libre kernel is available to install.

Nitrux is always up-to-date, thanks to using the latest Debian base and to the effort of the KDE Neon developers, who provide the latest stable releases of Plasma. Nitrux also provides users with the latest MESA drivers from Git and kernels optimized for intensive tasks such as gaming with XanMod and Liquorix.




A free and modular front-end framework for developing fast and compelling user experiences.

A set of templated controls and tools based on QQC2 and Kirigami shared among the Maui set of applications. MauiKit helps quickly build UIs that follow the Maui HIG and bring ready-to-go tools for different platforms, such as Android and Linux.

  • Cross-platform. Components are ready to use and work on Android and Linux efficiently.
  • Convergent. Easily create applications that work on mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • Built with Kirigami. MauiKit is built using the KDE Kirigami framework and Qt Quick Controls 2.

Sponsor us. Help Nitrux achieve more together.

We build Nitrux because we love it, and there is no pressure to sponsor; however, we welcome anything you can spare. By sponsoring Nitrux, you contribute by giving the development team a regular and predictable income to cover our hosting, development, and hardware testing costs. Donated funds are used to finance the project's needs, including, but not limited to, hosting/server costs, equipment, and funding the work of the people behind it. You can donate any amount you want. The team behind Nitrux will appreciate all donations as they will help bring this wonderful project to the same level of quality as that of the much larger, top-tier projects.


  1. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Nitrux
  2. Twitter https://twitter.com/Nitrux_NX
  3. Mastodon https://mastodon.cloud/@Nitrux_NX
  4. Instagram https://instagram.com/nitrux_nx
  5. MeWe https://mewe.com/p/nitrux
  6. YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/NitruxInside
  7. Gitter https://gitter.im/Nitrux/public
  8. GitHub https://github.com/Nitrux

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