Nathaniel Warburton

Writing fiction, long and short, for pages and screens.

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Nathaniel Warburton is an emerging screenwriter and novelist. Like many writers, Nathaniel went through a bit of a goth phase in high-school that…probably won’t ever end.

When he eventually crawls out of his coffin at two in the afternoon after a long night of arcane tomfoolery like making coffee, conquering virtual worlds or debating what the next Great American Novel might look like, he goes back to the well of what he knows and loves: sci-fi, fantasy, and magical realism, usually in twisted shades of black and grey. Don’t let his gloomy exterior fool you though, deep down he’s still a sweet guy who loves everybody, especially weirdos.

Inspired by all forms of storytelling media, Nathaniel is a self-proclaimed story-addict. Telling stories to anyone who would listen from a very young age, he began his formal creative writing training in high-school and has been studying it ever since. He obtained a B.A. in creative writing from Shepherd University, then his M.F.A. from Full Sail University in (you guessed it!) creative writing.

Nathaniel’s work deals primarily with mythology, mental illness, human sexuality and philosophy or religion. His genres of choice tend to fall into fantasy, science fiction, and magical realism as a result. His future work will involve the development of television screenplays, web-comics and short fiction alongside the ongoing development of larger concepts for novelization.

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