Christina Hanson

If you're here, you should already know who I am.

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cg-site 2 Vernieuwd 1 week geleden

gce.py 7 Vernieuwd 2 weken geleden

A bot written in Python to interface with various code runners.

Highlight2 1 Vernieuwd 2 maanden geleden

aoc 0 Vernieuwd 2 maanden geleden

Advent Of Code solutions for 2020-2023.

minefair 3 Vernieuwd 6 maanden geleden

A fair and infinite implementation of Minesweeper.

histodev 3 Vernieuwd 9 maanden geleden

ASCIIpy 1 Vernieuwd 1 jaar geleden

A tool to convert images into full-resolution ASCII art.

Ly 5 Vernieuwd 2 jaar geleden

A stack-based esoteric programming language.

spellck-rs 2 Vernieuwd 2 jaar geleden

You've heard of borrow checking, but what about spell checking?

clothier 1 Vernieuwd 2 jaar geleden

A better implementation of Tailor in C.

Tiibii 0 Vernieuwd 3 jaar geleden

a discord bot.

dots-and-boxes 1 Vernieuwd 3 jaar geleden

The classic game, on Discord.

zigbf 2 Vernieuwd 3 jaar geleden

A simple Brainfuck interpreter written in (bad) Zig.

aoccy 2 Vernieuwd 3 jaar geleden

A simple parser combinator library written in Python to solve AOC challenges.

Noice-Da 1 Vernieuwd 6 jaar geleden

Fungeoid based on Galaxtone's Roie (pronounced no-we-say-day)

IdlePY 5 Vernieuwd 6 jaar geleden

An idle game that works in the command line/terminal created in Python.

Esobot (fork) 5 Vernieuwd 2 weken geleden

A bot for the esoteric programming language ("esolang") Discord server (invite: https://discord.gg/3UXSK5p)

esolangle (fork) 3 Vernieuwd 2 jaar geleden


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