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What I do:

  • Streaming: I stream on Twitch multiple times per week. Streams include longplays of games, programming, and Archipelago multiworld sessions with friends.
  • Game development: I am an independent game developer, currently working on a unique style of match-three game called Bumper Stickers.
  • Radio show/podcast: I am a broadcaster on CKDU 88.1 FM Halifax. My show, Squarewave Symphony, touches on video games, weird and funny stuff, and nerd culture, with a sprinkle of chiptune-style music.

By contributing to my LiberaPay, you're helping me to build these things up as best as I can.

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hxArchipelago 4 Vernieuwd 1 maand geleden

Haxe Archipelago Multiworld client library

archipelago-settings 0 Vernieuwd 2 maanden geleden

Creates .YAML settings files to be used with Archipelago Multiworld

Archipelabot 0 Vernieuwd 2 maanden geleden

FlixelBumpStik 2 Vernieuwd 3 maanden geleden

hxTwitch 2 Vernieuwd 9 maanden geleden

Twitch API, chat, and PubSub client for Haxe

meritous-ap (fork) 0 Vernieuwd 1 maand geleden

Lancer-X's procedurally-generated dungeon crawler, modified for Archipelago Multiworld


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