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Karcsesz's doel is om € 12,00 te ontvangen per week.
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Hay there! I'm Karcsesz, but just call me Kar. I'm a European horse who saw a severe lack of pony PeerTube instances that gave a damn and decided to take up the mantle. Currently I'm running a bouquet of federated services under the ThisHorsieRocks name. This means an approval-required PeerTube instance at https://pt.thishorsie.rocks and a currently invite-only Matrix server at https://matrix.thishorsie.rocks.

If you feel like helping me out with the hosting costs, do feel free to throw me a bit or two here.

Current cost breakdown:

  • Root server for PeerTube: €36.45/mo
  • VPS for Matrix and monitoring: €8.19/mo
  • Domain name: 54.23/yr

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