French translator of the Python documentation, with "a few" pet projects

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Here's a few projects on which I work:

A Python training platform written in Python

Hackinscience is a free and open source Python learning platform, it already helped more than 500 people to learn Python by correcting more than 30k exercises.

I do not spend enough time on it, I could create more exercises and enhance automatic correction bot.

Helping organize PyCon FR

Since 2019 I help organizing PyCon in France, I mainly care with sponsors and the servers, but also during the event.

AFPy events in Paris, France

Since 2018 I try to boost the French Python community around Paris by organizing workshops around the Python translation, and differnt kind of meetups

Translation workshops have a visible impact on the translation progression: https://framagit.org/JulienPalard/write-the-docs-paris-19/-/raw/master/fr_translation_percent.png

Translating the Python documentation in French

I rebooted the project to translate the Python documentation in french around 2015 (the project is born around 2000 but has been discontinued multiple times). Since then we're more and more to translate, and we're, in 2020, at 43% translated!

During 2016—2017 I worked to push the translation on docs.python.org via the PEP 545, and since then I help other languages bootstraping their translation project: (see the up-to-date list).

Contributing to CPython

When I still have free time I try to help with CPython:

A bunch of side projects ...

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