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whitelist 2864 Vernieuwd 2 maanden geleden

A simple tool to add commonly white listed domains to your Pi-Hole setup.

pihole-unbound 213 Vernieuwd 3 maanden geleden

Guide to setup Unbound recursive DNS resolver with Pi-Hole. With additional configs for speed and security!! 🚀🔒

blacklist 591 Vernieuwd 3 maanden geleden

Curated and well-maintained hostfile to block ads, tracking, cryptomining, and more! Updated regularly. ⚡🔒

youtubeadsblacklist 142 Vernieuwd 3 jaar geleden

A list of YouTube video ad domains. (Discontinued)

esp8266_2.0.0 4 Vernieuwd 4 jaar geleden

esp8266 SDK 2.0.0 for ARM architecture.


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