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Who is this person?

My name is Christoffer Talleraas and I'm a norwegian digital artist from Norway.

You can find out more on my website!

Why liberapay?

I prefer it over Patreon or other services. It definitely has room to grow but I feel it better represents what kind of relationship I want to have between people and my art. It also gives the opportunity to build a art career where I can focus more on the projects I and the community want to see happen, rather than what an organization or a clients wants.

Where does the support go?

Primarily it will go towards hosting, equipment and materials. But if we can manage to some day I'd like to have support being a part of my income so that I can use more time on my personal projects.

All my content is free

I don't believe in putting content behind a paywall, so all my content will be free to use and access. My work is also usually under a Creative commons license which means that people are free to share and use my work however they like as long as I am credited properly.

How do I keep in touch?

A good way would be to follow my newsletter. But I am also fairly active on social media, and I'm considering making a blog.

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