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Hi, I'm Chris!

Since 2018 I run pixelfed.de, a place to share and showcase your photos, snapshots, cartoons, paintings, digital art, to make it short anything you can display in a picture. pixelfed.de is completely free to use and will never contain any paid for advertisements. The site is part of the Fediverse, a network of thousands of different sites with different topics and focuses, with which you can interact from pixelfed.de, you can have conversations, share and discover posts from all over the network. As part of the pixelfed network, pixelfed.de is currently the largest installation outside the USA and the second-largest worldwide. It is based in Germany, and I run it according to German data protection guidelines.

I also maintain and build the zknt/pixelfed docker image, to make it easy for people to run their own independent installation of pixelfed, the software powering pixelfed.de.

Up until recently, I paid for all expenses out of my private pocket. With the huge growth the Fediverse has seen since November 2022 my infrastructure cannot keep up much longer, and I need to expand resources, while simultaneously all costs are rising. With a financial contribution you can help me secure the expanding hosting costs, and finance experimental infrastructure, so I can research into running pixelfed.de even more stable and fault-tolerant.

Cheers, Chris aka @<tercean@pixelfed.de>

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