Noah Richardson

Hi, I'm Noah. I develop fast, comprehensive, and accessible software.

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My name is Noah Richardson and I'm a full-stack web developer and student at Drexel University. I specialize in front-end UI development and back-end design and integration. I have created more than 10 open source web applications using a variety of technologies including Javascript, jQuery, React, and Angular, and I am currently a full-stack web and mobile developer at TruckBux. At TruckBux I develop and maintain mobile applications in React Native and Java for native Android apps. Along with web development, I also have experience with Java, Python, and Unity, and I'm always interested to learn new languages and technologies.

In both my personal and professional projects, I use many open source libraries and I love to contribute whenever I can. I have lots of personal projects that I focus on in my free time, and I love to get new project ideas from other people. This sponsorship allows me to spend more of my free time creating software for others and allows me to expand my list of upcoming projects.

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bleep 2 Vernieuwd 1 maand geleden

Censor your videos. Automatically.

LaundryTwo 0 Vernieuwd 1 maand geleden

A LandryView revamp

inventory 0 Vernieuwd 1 maand geleden

A parts inventory system with support for projects and a wishlist

COVinfo 0 Vernieuwd 3 maanden geleden

Your own personal COVID-19 dashboard.

portfolio 1 Vernieuwd 6 maanden geleden

My personal portfolio website

library-roulette 1 Vernieuwd 7 maanden geleden

A game of roulette to play in the library or crowded area. Volume up!

animal-therapy 0 Vernieuwd 7 maanden geleden

An infinite source of therapeutic animal pictures that make you go aww.

you-spoon 1 Vernieuwd 7 maanden geleden

A simple insult generator

comic-sams 1 Vernieuwd 7 maanden geleden

A gorgeous Chrome extension for the masses


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