Hello friend! My name is Cédric and I work on many open source projects since more than 15 years.

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You can support my work mainly for:

  • Newspipe: a web news aggregator. You can register freely (but it cost me some money) to the official instance;
  • Stegano: a pure Python steganography module;
  • Freshermeat: an open source software directory and release tracker. The official instance is available here;
  • IP-Link: Visualizing the relationships between different IP from network traffic capture;
  • pyEnigma: a Python Enigma cypher machine simulator.

I also contribute to various projects with code and with regular donations.

Thank you!

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freshermeat 8 Vernieuwd 3 weken geleden

An open source software directory and release tracker.

Stegano 337 Vernieuwd 3 weken geleden

A pure Python steganography module.

newspipe 308 Vernieuwd 3 maanden geleden

A web news aggregator.

pyEnigma 19 Vernieuwd 1 jaar geleden

Python Enigma cypher machine simulator.

IP-Link 3 Vernieuwd 2 jaar geleden

Official repository has moved to: https://git.sr.ht/~cedric/IP-Link


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