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Big thank you to all supporters!

The Pony Archive is all about storing and delivering as much pony as possible. The site is made up of many volunteers who put a lot of work into seeking and retrieving content. Any support is welcome. Gathered funds go towards hosting and more hard drives. But wait, there's more! As part of a mission of archiving, we host several other pony related sites. The largest of which is Project Vinyl, a music video site for the My Little Pony fandom.

Links: http://theponyarchive.com/ https://projectvinyl.net/

As a continuation and small expansion The Pony Archive have partnered with PonySFM and the Champions of Equestria discord server to provide small game servers for each community.

The move to Liberapay is kinda difficult, as I do like Patreon's format and layout however recent actions are going to result in a collapse of their financial structure. I'll be forwarding a $5 towards Liberapay for a while if not on a continuing basis.

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