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mpdq 7 Vernieuwd 2 weken geleden

Automatic MPD "smart playlist" creator with minimal but hackable setup.

ppl_virdirsyncer_addysearch 0 Vernieuwd 3 weken geleden

A GUI/TUI addressbook searcher/viewer for use with a mess of vcards

lastfm_chart_services 1 Vernieuwd 1 jaar geleden

Locally hosted version of the Last.FM collage generator at http://tapmusic.net/

yolo-mpd 39 Vernieuwd 1 jaar geleden

Various music-related tweaks/tips/scripts. Includes fuzzy selection of artist/genre/album script and albumart in the console script

sshmaster 0 Vernieuwd 2 jaar geleden

Using bash and tmux to provide a nice interface for SSH without bells and whistles

ufw-iptables-archer 8 Vernieuwd 2 jaar geleden

Simplifying (I hope) UFW and iptables, includes a utility to get blocklists and incorporate them.

quotable 3 Vernieuwd 3 jaar geleden

A script using fortune, imgmagick, and unsplash.it to provide your quotes with background images

saurian-web-history-pollution 3 Vernieuwd 3 jaar geleden

A script to pollute your web history a little bit to help obfuscate ISP snooping

versionscripts 1 Vernieuwd 8 jaar geleden

Versioning Scripts in Bash and Windows Batch file formats with documentation in files.


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