Chris Tallerås

Illustrator, comic artist and video content creator.

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Omschrijving Engels

Hi, I do digital paintings, videos like time-lapse paintings, tutorials and the like. If you are not familiar with me and what I do you can check it out at

Where does the money go?

In general the money help setting aside time into making content, and maybe one day make stuff full-time. But time is finite and money is sparse so funding is essential for me being able to create stuff at the level I want to. If you want to know what I am currently working on you can check the feed on my website or on Mastodon. Here are some bullet-points explaining more the separate things I do.

  • Artwork & comics: Most importantly you are supporting all my art. Drawing and painting is my true desire, by supporting you are giving fuel to the fire that are my art-ambitions! Some types of art projects I will be working on are illustrations, fan-art, comics and all that goodness.
  • Art-videos: Video-content related to art hosted on an instance of peertube the decentralised-federated alternative to YouTube. There are several video series that go into the craft of image-making, the history of art, critiques & over-paints. One series is called Art of the month and is a series of interviews of artists in a video-podcast-like format.
  • Streams: I stream every now and then, in these streams I do paintsplorations, critiques, listen to music and hang out. The stream is hosted on Picarto and you don't need an account to chat there.
  • Resources: I will also be working on various resources and tools that can help you as an artist or as a everyday human. I make all kinds of things like Krita brushes, websites containing resources on art and maybe one day even some software.


Supporters will be credited by the end of every video and comic made during time of supporting unless you want to be anonymous. I will also prioritize supporters when it comes to over-paints and such.

About me

I grew up and live in the Olympic city of Norway, Lillehammer. I am 22 years old and I love to paint and illustrate fantastical creatures and magical weird worlds. My work is definitively something of the bizarre and surreal. My goal is to achieve strong unique visual experiences that stands out with pleasing painting aesthetics that draws you in to another world.

Want a commission?

Just email me at <> and we will get it figured out!


Talk with the community on IRC-Freenode at #realmofcreatives

All my content is free

I don't believe in putting content behind a paywall, so all my content will be free to use and access. But if you like what I do and you want to support me doing it you can do that here. Unfortunately at this moment it is not possible to do it anonymously, but I will figure out something in the future. All supporters will be credited in the ongoing projects unless asked not to.

Alternative ways of supporting me

BitCoin: 1Lig84ZZqyzSjbKZyjxh7HfUVNG5js5GgX
LiteCoin: Lg4ZzTKAhWYftC3aVryqKNXzsTT7THSAKE

People I pledge to(On Patreon):

  • Gargron (The creator of Mastodon, hosts and manages

  • Glocal (Hosts and manages, and

  • Chris Were (Makes tech-videos about linux, open-source and free-software)


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